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Outdoor Mounted Power Venter for Oil & Gas

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SWG Power Venter - Combustion Ventilator

The SWG Power Venter is designed for Gas & Oil heating appliances that generate heat through the combustion of fuel. The heat is transferred through the heat exchanger and distributed to the conditioned space. The products of combustion, however, must be vented safetly out of the structure. In a comventional chimney, venting is achieved by the natural lifting action of the hot combustion gas. New, efficient systems absorb more of the heat in the heat exchanger and produce lower temperture vent gas. Lower temperture gas does not rise as quickly or as reliably as in older, less efficient systems. Power Venting or sidewall venting is more economical and safer than chimney venting. A power venter uses a motorized blower to vent the products of combustion. A power venter is interlocked with the appliance to ensure that proper draft is achieved before the appliance burner is activated.

The SWG Power Venter is the safest, most efficient Power Venter available online today:

Pantented SWG Power Venters are ETL and cETL listed for all LP gas, natural gas, or oil fired heating equipment. The SWG combines the motor, blower, and vent hood in on complete, easy to install unit. 

The SWG mounts on the outside of the building and pulls the combustion gas from the appliance through the outside wall utilizing 100% negative pressure.

SWG Power Venter

Benefits of the SWG Power Venter include:

  •  100% negative pressure in the vent pipe for maximum safety.
  • Standard galvanized pipe can be used instead of expensive stainless steel.
  • No need to seal vent pipe joints, saving time, and money.
  • Significantly longer vent lengths than positive pressure, direct vent systems.
  • The SWG Power Venter is recommended by a major heating appliance manufacturers.

The SWG must be sized to match the appliance or appliances' input firing rating (see SWG Sizing). Most firing rates are published in the manufacturer's intallations manual. SWG's must be installed with a CK Control Kit to ensure proper listing and safe, efficient venting. For selecting controls kits (see CK Control Kits).


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