Eliminator Crawlspace Fan

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Crawlspace Fan

Reduce Moisture / Condensation, Mold, Fungi growth, Radon, Dry Rot, Termites under crawlspaces areas.

The Eliminator Foundation Vent Fan is a motorized fan designed for circulation outside air through the crawlspace of a structure to reduce moisture condensation problems. Moisture causes dry rot and fungi growth and increase the potential for termite infestation. With the Eliminator, air changes are increased dramatically for better moisture removal and control.

The Eliminator is designed to be mounted to a new or existing crawlspace vent. It operates off a temperture switch which activates the motor at or above 50F. An optional, adjustable de-humidistat can be used to operate the unit at varying levels of relative humidity. This is optional control can be wired in place of, or in series with, the standard temperture switch.

De-humidistat Switch 


Reduces moisture content and mold potential in crawl spaces, floor joists, flooring, and other support wood. 

  • Circulates air in crawl space 
  • Removes radon gas 
  • Automatic operation 
  • Temperature or humidity activated 
  • Reduces potential for airborne mold infiltration into home. 
  • Reduces conditions conducive to termite potential 


Crawlspace vent fan system - Moisture control




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