Ultracide - flea control

Insect Growth Regulator - Flea Control

  Ref: Ultra1

Product Description
Pressurized Flea IGR & Adulticide Treatment

Ultracide kills fleas and prevents flea infestation for a full season. Adult fleas may be seen in the treated areas when brought in on infested animals or when adults emerge from pupal cases; however a population will not develop in the treated area. Apply only to carpets and cloth upholstered areas, or test and inconspicuous area before treating. Ultracide has been tested on several types of carpet fabric and other household furnishings without adverse effects. In a few instances, waxed surfaces have been whitened or dulled. Holding the can 36 inches away from the target surface normally prevents any whitening from occurring. Because of the wide variety of floor types and finishes, treat a small inconspicuous area before treating the entire area. (Avoid contact with antique finishes.)For use in and around: Apartments, automobiles, homes, hospitals, hotels, kennels, motels, offices, schools, supermarkets, transportation equipment, buses, boats, ships, trains, trucks, warehouses, utilities, veterinary clinics, and other commercial and industrial buildings.
Provides immediate kill of adult fleas and prevents formation of new adults from eggs or larvae

Eliminates flea problems for up to 7 months

Dries quickly

Highly stable in UV light

Read and follow all label directions carefully.

Label MSDS

Treatment Technique: Directed Contact / Spot Treatment t
Active Ingredient: 0.05 % Pyrethrin, 0.4% Permethrin, 0.1% Pyriproxyen
Insecticide Class IGR / Pyrethroid
Signal Word : CAUTION
Food Handling Areas : NO
Registration : Registered in All States
Product Code : 02-0405
EPA # : 499-404