Power Temp-Vent - Crawlspace Moisture Control
Crawlspace Ventilation Fan for Moisture control

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Product Description

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Essentially a Temp-Vent but with a motor built into the back housing which powers a fan. When on, the fan will pump air out of designated air spaces. It runs on 110 volts and is ideal for moist, damp, humid crawl spaces which need some type of extra ventilation. The fan is strong and can displace about 7200 cubic air space an hour. The size of the unit is designed to fit the average 8" by 16" opening and it does come with clips and mounting hardware to insure a tight fit

WHERE TO USE IT: Powered Temp-Vent systems are designed for foundations that require a higher rate of airflow and for areas that are difficult to vent. Depending on the model they can move large amounts of air per hour. Designed to run continuously on a low speed, they draw minimal electricity. However, Temp-Vent recommends power vents be fitted with a thermostat and a humidistat to control the operation of the vent.

To Specify:
To determine the correct number of Power Temp-Vents, use the following formula:
1) Multiply the square feet of the crawl space by the height in feet. This gives the number of cubic feet in the crawl space.
2) Multiply the cubic feet in the crawl space by the number of air changes per hour desired (4-6 is the recommendation). This gives the total number of cubic feet of air that has to be moved per hour to produce the desired number of air changes.
3) Divide this number by either 7,200 or 11,160 — depending on which model is being used — to obtain the number of power vents needed.
4) Install vents to provide air intake on one side of the foundation with the power vents on the other side to create a system of intake and exhaust.

De-humidistat Switch: The de-humidistat switch should be hard wired in the worst spot under your crawlspace. Do not install to close to the Foundation vent fan, This will cut the fan off before it dries out the crawlspace. You may us One switch to control up to 2 foundation vent fans.

TempVent Venting Crawl Spaces

Learn more about Crawl Spaces and Moisture Control in this informative PDF.

Calculating how many foundation vents are needed.Example: 1500 square foot crawl space x 3 feet high = 4500
4500 cubic feet x 6 = 27,000 / 7,200 = 3.74
Install 4 power vents with intake vents on the opposite side


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