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Crawlspace Encapsulation

Moisture Problems - Mold, Wood Decay, Wood Rot

. Crawlspace Encapsulation


Crawlspace encapsulation is a green trend that has minimal costs, improves air quality and saves up to 18% on HVAC utility costs.

Closing a crawl space includes sealing the vents, insulating the walls, creating a vapor barrier and conditioning the air in the crawl space. This creates a clean, conditioned space under the home and provides the following benefits:

 Improves air quality throughout the home
• Reduces cupping of hardwood floors
• Saves up to 18% in heating and cooling costs
• Creates warmer floors in the winter
• Reduces mold and wood decay on floor joists
• Reduces pest and termite pressure

EPA Mold Basics - Basic info on mold.
EPA Mold Prevention - Common sense actions on the general actions to take regarding mold.


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